Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've been a bad, bad girl...

No, I'm not singing Fiona Apple (... are any of you old enough to remember Fiona Apple's song "Criminal"?)

I've been pretty careless about keeping up with this blog. I didn't mean to drop off the face of the planet, but I get so busy here running around to and from work and stuff that I just haven't had time/thoughts to update my blog. Sorry to anyone who has been following me!

I moved in on 2/21 and got a three-bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. It's lovely, though it did need a little extra cleaning the night we moved in. I suggest you pick up cleaning supplies ASAP to clean your apartments, especially because we moved in and had a room inspection the VERY NEXT DAY!

I got my role, merchandise, but I also now have my location. I won't say which store, but I'm working at Downtown Disney (henceforth known as DTD). I just took my assessment and now have one day left of training (stockroom training) left for today, and then I could lose my 'Earning my Ears' ribbon if I wanted, but I think I'll keep it on for a few more days (until the end of the week, at least) so that when guests see me taking forever or not knowing how to do something, they can understand why. You might feel like you stick out with that little red ribbon on your nametag, but I liked having it for what I already said, so that guests know that I'm still new and not just a bad castmember who doesn't know anything! Also... guests have wished me luck on earning my ears, or have left the line saying nice things about me still within my earshot, so I kind of like that feeling :-)

Don't worry if you're nervous about stuff, even after you lose that lovely red ribbon declaring you as 'NEW'. Anyone in your location will be happy to help you out and answer questions you have, and you will have questions, especially in merchandise. Sometimes it's tough to figure out what movies/characters you keep in stock, and what you don't, and sometimes it doesn't make sense (like we should totally have way more Phineas and Ferb things in stock than we do). Just smile, ask a coworker, and they will be happy to help you!

My roommates are pretty cool, but even so, it's a little bit of an adjustment for me to live with other people in the apartment. I share my room with one other girl, so it's not like 'OMG I LIVE WITH FIVE OTHER PEOPLE WTF DO I DO?' but it is a lot about communication and stuff like that. I was an RA for three years so I didn't share my actual bedroom with anyone for that amount of time, so it's a little different. It's ok though.

Alright, now let's chitchat about the bus. Taking the bus sucks. I will tell you this right now. The bus sucks. Mine hasn't been late so far (*crosses fingers*) but last night I was off work at midnight and when the bus arrived at DTD, it was literally PACKED to the brim with people going to Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesdays. Yeah, the last thing I want to do when I get off work at midnight is to get on a bus packed with tipsy people looking to go get wings and probably drink more. The bus driver was only letting on people in their costumes leaving work, but I had changed out of mine, so I panicked and pulled my costume pants from my bag, waving them around saying, 'I just got off work!!!' I must have looked like a total fruit loop... but I got on the bus, so it was ok! I stood until we got to the stop at Crossroads, kind of like a giant strip mall with lots of stores/restaurants, where all the Buffalo Wild Wings crowd got off. The bus literally emptied until it was just me and three or four other people who got on at the DTD stop. I hope I don't have to work the later shift every Wednesday. I might cry if that bus rolls up packed like that again.

Ok, laundry in the dryer is almost done, so I'm going to go now. If you have any questions, comment and ask away, or email me, or PM me or whatever, and I will address them in a future post! I'll even keep them anonymous so if you think it's a 'stupid' question, you can still ask and I can answer. There are no stupid questions (but please don't ask me what time the 3 PM parade is ;-) ) and someone else might be wondering the same thing, so please ask away!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


So, I figured out that I'm on post eight!

Clearly, at the last time I posted, I had just found out that I gotten into the College Program! I am a merchandise cast member, arriving on 2/21! Before that, though, I'm heading down to southern Florida to crash with my grandma for a week. I'm so pumped. Last time I went to visit my grandma in FL, we went to this rad flea market (I'm so bad-- I want to buy every purse and piece of jewelry there!) and we got dinner, and I went to this giiiiiaaaaant mall. It was so big, I must have burned off all the calories of my dinner just doing one lap around every wing! If I'm super-lucky, I might be able to get her to take me into Miami. I want to stick my feet in the sand of South Beach again.

Anyway, more Disney stuff, since I bet my "real" life is boring!

I have not picked a roommate based on Facebook postings, etc. There was no roommate matcher for my arrival date. I am leaving it all up to chance, since I think I will really know anyone I meet in line about as well as the people I meet online, so... mystery roomies! I'm just going to pretend it's like starting college as a freshman all over again, except I have a job instead of classes.

I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to get all my stuff down to Florida. I am bringing one checked bag, one carryon, and the personal item (my purse) so I don't really know how much I can fit. I hope I can fit my things... I'm nervous about bringing down sheets and stuff. I don't have room in my luggage for bedding, so that first night after check-in and the housing meeting... I'm going to have to get my butt to Walmart for sheets, a comforter (can't sleep without one!) and a pillow (I might sneak a pillow down in my suitcase, too. I sleep with two pillows).

If you can't all tell, I abuse parenthesis a lot. It's as annoying to me as it probably is to you, but I have things to explain and need to get them out!

Everyone I talk to about the CP (everyone who knows what it is, anway) keeps telling me that I'm "going to be something big" in the CP. I think they think that Uncle Walt is going to return from beyond to offer me the keys to the company or something! I keep explaining that doing the CP doesn't guarantee me a job, and I want to come home and get my grad degree, that there's a whole lot of people in each semester of the CP, so I'm just one of many. They think I'm something really special, but I think that everyone who even considers applying for the CP is special too, and most of us all have the same qualifications. I don't know. I just don't want to disappoint my family and friends. I feel like Nina from the show In The Heights who had to drop out of Stanford and is afraid to tell everyone, because the whole neighborhood knew she'd be "the girl to make it out."

"The neighborhood waved, and said,
'Nina, be brave and you're gonna be fine.'
And maybe it's me, but it all seems like lifetimes ago.
So what do I say to all these faces I used to know?"
- Breathe from In the Heights.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm in!

I got a merch job in the DCP. I'm having trouble celebrating, though, because... I am so sad that my fellow pendees didn't get in. I really wanted them to... I feel terrible. I want to be down there with them so bad.